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Basic information

  • Roczniki Biblioteczne publishes original research works, source materials, reviews and reports that deal with broadly defined book culture.
  • The editors accept only the texts that have not been published before.
  • All the texts submitted to the sections “Articles” and “Materials” are peer reviewed by the experts. See Peer Review Process.
  • The editors have the right to make a text shorter or introduce changes agreed on with the author.

The author is asked to provide the following details:

  • their academic title and degree
  • their electronic address and, if possible, phone number
  • their affiliation
  • their ORCID (Open Research and Contributor ID) number
  • in the case of joint authorship, the affiliations of all the authors involved and the percentage of their individual contributions (to stop ghostwriting and guest authorship)
  • the acknowledgement of all funding sources supporting the submitted work.


  • The author assumes responsibility resulting from copyrights and publishing rights.
  • By submitting a manuscript to Roczniki Biblioteczne the author states that they hold property copyrights in their text, the text is free from legal defects, it or any of its parts have not been published before and it has not been submitted to any other periodical. The submission also means that the author gives their free of charge consent to the editors to publish their work in Roczniki Biblioteczne and agrees to its unlimited dissemination as to time and territory, including placing its copies on the market and making it available on the Internet with or without payment.
  • All the materials published in Roczniki Biblioteczne are protected by copyright and can be reprinted only with the editors’ consent.

Other information

  • Cases of academic dishonesty will be revealed by the editors, who will inform about them all potentially interested institutions (institutions employing authors, scientific societies, academic publishers etc.) and register them.
  • Authors of articles and materials will receive two free copies of Roczniki Biblioteczne, the others – one copy each. The editors do not pay royalties.
  • The editors do not return the materials which have not been ordered.

Manuscripts should be submitted in an electronic file form to the following e-mail address: