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Contribution requirements

The author is asked to respect the following guidelines:

  • Manuscripts submitted to the “Articles” or “Materials” sections must not exceed 60,000 characters including spaces. Reviews and reports must not exceed 20,000 characters including spaces.
  • The structure of an article should be clear, fulfilling the requirements of scholarly writing. It should start with an introduction to the discussed problems followed by the description of the work’s aim and the methods applied. The article should end with a conclusion. If needed, subsections with individual titles may be introduced.

Manuscripts submitted to the “Articles” and “Materials” sections must contain:

  • a short abstract preceding the article
  • a summary (no longer than 1,800 characters)
  • keywords
  • reference list

The summary should contain a description of the object, aim and research methods as well as the most important conclusions.

Submitted reviews should discuss works published within the past two years (exceptions will be considered); a description of a reviewed work must include its ISBN or ISSN.

A longer, article-like, review with footnotes should be entitled, whereas a bibliographical description of the reviewed work should be given in footnotes; in other cases, titles of reviews can be bibliographical descriptions of reviewed works.

Formal requirements: Times New Roman 12-pt font; line space 1.5, margin space 2.5. For further details consult Referencing.